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4-year B.TECH in Civil Engineering

The 4-year B.TECH in program is Civil Engineering offered at Himalayan Institute of Engineering & Technology.
The primary objective of this program is to produce well-balanced Civil Engineers capable of entering the Civil Engineering profession or continuing their studies at the post graduate level. Graduates will be well prepared to solve current Civil Engineering problems, and they will have the ability to adapt to problems of the future. The achievements of Civil Engineers are well-known to the general public, because Civil Engineers build the world’s infrastructure.
Projects that Civil Engineers work on include: airports, bridges, buildings, dams and waterways, drainage and sewer systems, city roads, and highways. The Undergraduate program offers a balanced approach to Civil Engineering education offered in the best civil engineering college in Punjab and Chandigarh. The program is also designed to give students a solid foundation in Engineering and Science. Students take courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, in addition to a core set of engineering courses common to most Engineering disciplines. The Civil  teach students the fundamentals of Engineering design, as well as potential applications. Students are taught how to use Computer Software to expedite the design process, and they are also taught how to balance engineering designs with economic constraints. During their senior year, Undergraduate students work with a professor on a design project.

Student outcomes for our Civil Engineering Program

  • Our Students function successfully in the fundamental areas of Civil Engineering, and within a specialty, such as structural, geotechnical or water resources engineering.
  • Graduates are prepared for advanced education in Civil Engineering and related fields.


Program Structure

Students take a common core of Civil Engineering courses, and they can specialize in the areas of geotechnical, or structural engineering etc. Our curriculum lays intensive focus on: Strength of Materials/ Construction Technology/ Soil Mechanics/ Concrete Technologies/ Structural Analysis/ Building Drawing/ Reinforced concrete structures/ Transportation Engineering/ Hydraulic Structures and Machinery/ Environmental Engineering / Design of Steel Structures / Water Resource Engineering / Construction Management‘

Cutting Edge Laboratories & Facilities

Students have access to every facility in the form of 9 well-equipped labs. These are:

  • Structure and construction engineering lab
  • Soil mechanics lab
  • Hydraulics and fluid machinery lab
  • Strength of materials lab
  • Concrete and highway lab
  • Survey lab
  • Environmental engineering lab



Many of the world’s largest construction and engineering including L&T, HCC, Technip, GMR Infrastructure, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. and Gammon Infra regularly visit our campus for recruitments.