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4-year B.TECH in Mechanical Engineering

The 4-year B.TECH in Mechanical Engineering program is offered at Himalayan Institute of Engineering & Technology.
Mechanical Engineering has been characterized, traditionally, by broad technical activities in the areas of product and machine design; manufacturing and production engineering; the design and installation of thermal-fluid and/or mechanical systems; and the design, analysis and development. Mechanical Engineering includes the science and art of formulation, design, development and control of systems and components involving thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechanisms and the conversion of energy into useful work. The undergraduate program of study in Mechanical, addresses both the quest to understand how things work and the desire to put this understanding to practical use. The student body is guided by faculty who merit national and international recognition, who are members of prestigious engineering societies and counted among the outstanding scholars in their profession.
The faculty is committed to the advancement of the fundamental Engineering sciences encountered by Undergraduates in a curriculum that is heavy in “basics.” This is balanced by their demonstrated interest and active participation in practical developments as well. Thus, our graduates can function at the leading edge of engineering practice, tackling jobs that are far from dull or routine.

Program Structures

The Undergraduate program provides a broad scientific and technical background in Mechanical engineering. Undergraduate specialisation is provided in the choice of technical electives from the subject areas of applied mechanics, automatic controls, electro-mechanical systems, energy conversion, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, manufacturing systems and materials processing, mechanical design, cryogenics, thermodynamics, robotics and automation. During the first two years, coursework emphasizes Mathematics, physics, chemistry, computing, materials, statics and graphics: much of this in common with the other engineering curricula. In the last two years, the emphasis is on mechanics of solids and fluids, thermodynamics, heat transfer manufacturing, design and controls; instrumentation, experimentation and system synthesis

Cutting Edge Laboratories & Facilities

At Himalayan Institute of Engineering & Technology we have state of the art laboratories including thermal engineering, heattransfer, dynamics, metallurgy, metrology and fuels. Modern computing facilities are available for students at the CAD & Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratories.

Scope of Employment

In a wide range of exciting industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-medical, Chemical, Computers, Electronics, Fossil and Nuclear Power, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Robotics and Textiles. In areas of research & development, design, testing and evaluation, manufacturing, operations and maintainance, marketing, sales and administration. In public sector units like Railways, ONGC, Indian Oil, ISRO, SAIL, NTPC, DDRO and IAF.


We have leading mechanical and automotive companies visiting our campus regularly for placement activities. Our students have also obtained placements at leading companies such as Infosys, Godrej, Escort, L&T, Wipro, ISMT, Mahindra & Mahindra, JCB, Eicher and many more.